Are we humans or are we crocs?

There’s a croc in your head that’s making you brain dead #MondayMorningWakeUpCall

Crocodile Brain

The croc does not rock!

People tend to:

  • Chase what moves away from them
  • Want what they can’t have
  • Place value only on things that are difficult to obtain

It’s because these instincts are governed by the oldest part of your brain called the ‘Reptilian Brain’ or ‘Crocodile Brain’. Croc brain for short. This part of the brain also drives all survival instincts including fight, flight, flee and mate that were critical for your tree dwelling ancestors.

Over subsequent millions of years the brain further developed 2 additional parts. First the ‘Limbic Brain’ evolved from the reptilian brain out of the need for humans to work together in groups, that we now call communities. This regulates and manages emotions like fear, love, empathy, respect, guilt, shame, jealousy etc.

And finally the ‘Neocortex’ (Neo = New), which is the largest and the most evolved part of the brain, developed. It makes up nearly 85% of the brain. It manages all complex reasoning and skill development. When you solve a crossword or learn a new language, you are using your Neocortex. It is able to think about complex issues and produce answers using reasoning.

Now that you know you have 2 more powerful brain systems working for you, as essential as the ‘croc brain’ is, why be governed by it?

Why be a croc when you’ve been blessed to be born as a human?

More later, alligator!

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