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Should we ‘look up’ to’s brand campaign?

Look up #MondayMorningWakeUpCall

When I first saw the billboards, I didn’t really get what they were trying to say. The alien in me was part searching for UFOs and part wondering if is all set to create a housing colony in space already.

Added to that, one of the billboards read “make room for more happiness” and I was mentally cursing them for taking the “happiness” route (cos that’s the route I’m hoping Skillzot takes). At the same time I was silently impressed that they are talking “values” that are higher up the ladder on Maslow’s hierarchy and not about the product or even the benefits.

Fedex talks about ‘peace of mind’, L’Oreal sells ‘self-confidence’, Nike honours ‘great athletes and great athletics’,, I figured, wants to be about ‘innovation and optimism’.

They are not talking about having the best interface or exclusive properties or the number of properties listed.

The best marketers know, ‘marketing is about values’.