Give. And a full life you shall live!

“Giving is an act that returns itself double fold.” – Brian Colbert #MondayMorningWakeUpCall

Is Salman Khan reaping the benefits of good karma (or plain and simple ‘giving’ for those who do not believe in the ‘dharma’ of ‘karma’)?

I’m usually wont to offer opinions. I prefer sitting on the fence, watching the show. I’ve been watching ‘Jail Ho’ & ‘Chal Mere Bhai’ jokes and debates over social media and occasionally live. Amidst the ‘Being Human’ cries and the ‘Being Animal’ howls, two quotes, neither related to the Salman verdict, caught my eye.

The first is today’s MondayMorningWakeUpCall. “Giving is an act that returns itself double fold.” – Brian Colbert

The second, “What you meet in life is destiny! How you meet it is free will.” – Swami Chinmayananda.

This is the first line from last Friday’s Speaking Tree article where Swami Chinmayananda goes on to explain how our shastras compare the omnipotent power of God to rain. The rain is common and equal in its blessings to all. Different seeds, nourished by the rain, grow, each to its individual stature, with different qualities.

He compares the tendencies of our mind, called vasanas, to the seeds. They come about, exist, burst into expression, all according to a law. Thought by thought, new channels can be created,­ flowering seeds sown, weeds plucked out, and in time, the jungle in our mind can be rendered into a fragrant garden.

In short, maybe we can carve out our destiny.

I too agree that granting bail to Salman after being convicted, has made a mockery (again!) of our judicial system. I hope these incidents help in shaking and waking up people to create change for the better.

At a fundamental level it’s obvious that Salman is maximizing the benefits of the flaws in our judicial system, maximizing the benefits of being rich and famous. I don’t think that’s cool.

At the same time, at a deeper level, I cannot but help wonder if a higher power, the Universe, is giving back the good he gave, double fold.

For it is in giving that we receive. That I think is cool. (Caveat: Giving, expecting something in return, ain’t)

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