Am I waking up to reality or is this a dream? Let’s find out this year. Happy 2015!

NewYearMorningWakeUpCall 2015

Gulmarg in December

Reality or a dream?

I don’t think The Matrix was fictional. The Wachowski Brothers have delved deep into eastern philosophy. This is also evident from their last film Cloud Atlas where they explored the concept of reincarnations and karma.

Sorry I digress (movies always have this effect on me). The point of bringing up The Matrix in relation to the #NewYearMorningWakeUpCall is to make what I’m saying just a bit more tangible to you. Yes, the scenery in the picture did seem like I was still dreaming, but my point has a slightly deeper context.

Over the last few years, my quest for finding answers to life, the universe and everything (nope it’s not 42!), has exposed me to the teachings and practices of quite a few dudes who are said to have been enlightened.

And there seems to be an underlying commonality that the world we perceive is only a projection of our mind (maya) as a result of our ego. This ego we can vanquish by ‘realizing’ or ‘knowing’ our true self and thereby realize that there is no God but that one is God. In the process you also attain ‘mukti’ or liberation and hence end suffering by obtaining eternal bliss.

In the absence of a red pill we have no choice but to explore and find out for ourselves, experientially, not conceptually or intellectually. Anyone game to give me some company. I could sure do with a Morpheus, or better still, Trinity?

2 thoughts on “Reality or dream?

  1. Sid

    M truly simbly amused by ur musings!! and a bit envious too….but mostly inspired…..
    Go on create more chaos…..

    1. sandeepdotburman Post author

      HaHa.. that’s the idea, along with creating chaos in your heads too, to get you guys to say ‘if sandy can do it, anybody can’ :). But thanks a whole bunch for saying so. Made my day.


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