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Why is life so difficult?

There are times in our life,
When we think it’s not worth the strife.
That we’d rather quit this crap,
Get the hell out of this miserable trap.

Like many if you too think life is hard,
That you’ve been dealt the wrong card,
Maybe it’s time to pause,
Time to reflect upon the cause.

If your mirror does not lie,
And to see the truth you are not shy,
In the reflection you will see,
Life is only as difficult as YOU make it to be.

Relinquish your obsessive need to control all of your existence, 
And the Universe will yield to your every wish, even if it’s nonsense.


Waking up to something delightful is always a smashing way to kick start the day #MondayMorningWakeUpCall

A few days ago a friend of mine shared an sms exchange he had with one of his friends (someone I don’t know) a while back.

Piano classes in Mumba

The text exchange of course made my day.

Wake up and smell the coffee is the oft used idiom to jolt us into action. I however think focussing on the remarkable or even notable aspects is a way more powerful tool to ‘wake us up’ and spur us on in full gallop.

It definitely holds true for me. Is it because I don’t drink coffee?

Should we ‘look up’ to’s brand campaign?

Look up #MondayMorningWakeUpCall

When I first saw the billboards, I didn’t really get what they were trying to say. The alien in me was part searching for UFOs and part wondering if is all set to create a housing colony in space already.

Added to that, one of the billboards read “make room for more happiness” and I was mentally cursing them for taking the “happiness” route (cos that’s the route I’m hoping Skillzot takes). At the same time I was silently impressed that they are talking “values” that are higher up the ladder on Maslow’s hierarchy and not about the product or even the benefits.

Fedex talks about ‘peace of mind’, L’Oreal sells ‘self-confidence’, Nike honours ‘great athletes and great athletics’,, I figured, wants to be about ‘innovation and optimism’.

They are not talking about having the best interface or exclusive properties or the number of properties listed.

The best marketers know, ‘marketing is about values’.

Good Job!

There are no 2 words in English language more harmful than “good job” (from Whiplash) #MondayMorningWakeUpCall

In the movie Whiplash, Terence Fletcher, a music teacher, is obsessed with pushing his students beyond excellence. While his methods might be questionable, something I personally wouldn’t advocate, his philosophy on “good job” did resonate with me.

What he means by the above quote is that with the intent of encouragement we are developing a culture of being overtly safe in giving feedback. This often results in becoming complacent with our outcome which more often than not results in mediocrity if we do not push ourselves (or get pushed) to pursue excellence.

While one could argue that for many mediocre could be ‘good enough’, that they would be happy with doing a ‘good job’. But for those who have an extra appetite for excellence, I too like Terence Fletcher, would ask you to drop ‘good job’ from your dictionary and turn a deaf ear to the phrase whenever you hear it.


Had a whale (literally) of an Easter weekend @ Trincomalee.                                                        Thought I’d share it in the form of a poetree.

Thank you Trincomalee for reminding me,
Of the world that we forget to see.
Of the beauty that cannot be painted,
And the miracles that we take for granted.

I always did wonder where the sun hides at night,
Till I saw him emerge from the Trinco sea to share his light,
Like a gracious hero every night he gives way,
For the moon to paint the sea shimmering silver with her ray.

Hypnotic canvas laid, she then put on her greatest most dazzling act, 
A performance for which with us she seems to have a pact,
Swallowing herself, only to teasingly reappear,
Reminding me, the miracles of the universe are truly beyond compare.

The joy of feeling the wind on your face,
Is also cause for immense praise,
Whether while riding at your own pace,
Or simply basking by the moonlight in raptured daze.

The gentle caress of the wave,
Is not much unlike how lovers would behave,
Lovingly stroking your body as if to apologize once more,
For the hurt she caused in the winter of 2004.

One morning I ventured far into the sea,
Torpedoes I thought were coming at me,
But if torpedoes were as harmless as a sperm whale,
Then would it not be a beautiful world to sail?

Where else will you find deer grazing so free?
Or a peacock perched by an open tree?
The marvelous mammoth statue of Lord Shiv,
That is inspiration enough for anyone to live.

Thank you Trincomalee for reminding me,
Of the many colours of the sea,
Of the beauty that cannot be painted,
And the miracles that we should not take for granted.


Here are visuals to the verses.



Beauty that cannot be painted (from verse 1)

Sunrise @ Trincomalee

Saw the Sun emerge from the Trinco sea to share his light (from verse 2)


Full moon over Trincomalee

Moon painting the sea shimmering silver wither her rays (from verse 2)

Sprem whales in Trincamolee

Whale Tale (from verse 6)


Deer grazing so free, peacock perched by the tree (from verse 7)

Lord Shiva, Koneswaram Temple

The marvelous mammoth statue of Lord Shiv, is inspiration enough for anyone to live (from verse 7)

Last but not least a word on Chaaya Blu,                                                                                                  A staff always smiling and a view so true,                                                                                                   The days passed by, I knew not how my time flew.

Chaaya Blu, Trincomalee

View from Chaaya Blu, Trincomalee

Would you work for free?

Are you doing what you’d be doing @ work if no one paid you to do it? #MondayMorningWakeUpCall

Nope, it does not mean that you should work for free. If you go by the ‘Joker’s’ philosophy, he says “You should never do anything you’re good at for free.” Neither does it mean you should not want pot loads of money for the value you bring to your organization.

What I’m hinting at is, is what you do at work something you love doing. That it is not a chore you are forced to complete day in and day out. Only then do the lines blur between work and play and you enjoy every moment of your day. Then there is no distinction between week days and weekends, time spent at home or time spent in the office, work days or vacations.

L.P. Jack, a philosopher in the early 19th century, explains this very lucidly. He says, “A master in the art of living draws no sharp distinction between his work and his play; his labor and his leisure; his mind and his body; his education and his recreation. He hardly knows which is which. He simply pursues his vision of excellence through whatever he is doing, and leaves others to determine whether he is working or playing. To himself, he always appears to be doing both.

And Confucius articulates this in one line. “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

An easy way to find the answer to the question is to ask yourself, do you do what you do at work also during your holidays and your free time.