12 music albums that weren’t invited at the 2016 Grammies

In the spirit of tradition (my attempt at making it one which I started last year), I’m sharing some of the music albums from outside the Grammy list (that haven’t been nominated for any category), that have had a delirious impact on me.

I’ve listed my favourite albums from last year, in no particular order (with artists in the brackets) and linked my favourite tracks from the albums. Give them a listen. After all, “Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent” – Victor Hugo

And the 2016 non-grammy winners are…

  1. Mad Max: Fury Road (OST) – The soundtrack is as mad as Max, as furious as Furiosa as high-octane as the film.

  1. Wilder Mind (Mumford and Sons) – They have ditched their trademark banjo and have gone wilder, more rock than folk rock with the electric guitar. Always tough for me to choose a favourite track from their albums. Just for the sake of picking one I’ll pick the title track.

  1. Grand Romantic (Nate Reuss) – From Fun. he’s gone grand, he’s gone romantic. And he stirs up a great big storm with many a fine moment.

  1. No Place In Heaven (Mika) – That’s what he thinks about himself, but heaven or not, he deserves a especial place in my ipod

  1. Smokes + Mirrors (Imagine Dragons) – I’ll blindly bet ‘my precious’ on any of their albums

  1. Whispers II (Passenger) – He’s like a younger brother of Ed Sheeran. I’m thinking he needs to shout a bit (and sing some happier tunes) else he just might get lost if he continues to whisper.

  1. White Light (Corrs) – Resurrected after 10 years. And they’ve woken up with a bolt of white light that can make even the darkest of night ever so bright.

  1. American Beauty American Psycho (Fall Out Boys) – It’s psychotic. It’s beautiful. Hope it last for centuries.

  1. Beneath The Skin (Of Monsters And Men) – Beneath the skin I found crystals, and a whole bunch of hidden gems in this album.

  1. Blurryface (Twenty One Pilots) – They really are a super talented duo with an amazing range of musicality.

  1. Emotion (Carly Rae Jespen) – Yup, I could run away with her

  1. Furious 7 (OST) – I could ‘Ride On’ for quite a distance with this album

Bonus Track:

Downtown (Macklemore & Ryan Lewis) – Can’t but help mention my favourite track (single) from last year, almost reminiscent of Bohemian Raphsody.

So what else got missed. Share some artists/albums that rocked you last year and you feel they deserve to get noticed.

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