And the 2015 non-Grammy winners are…

There’s more to the Grammys than meets the ears. I mean there’s a ‘shazam’ of music and talent that doesn’t get any Grammy love. Can’t really fault the Grammy Academy though. There has to be a cut off somewhere, right?

I on the other hand don’t have any obligations or desire to chop or rank. So I’m sharing some of the music albums from outside the Grammy list (that haven’t been nominated either!), in no particular order, that I’m happy I stumbled upon.

I’ve listed my favourite albums from last year (with artists in the brackets) and linked my favourite tracks from the albums. Give them a listen. After all, “Where words fail, music speaks.” – Hans Christian Anderson


  1. Queen of the Clouds (Tove Lo) – You’ll Love Tove. Love her ‘Habits’, her ‘Moments’, her ‘Talking Body’ and even her ‘Gun’

Strange Desire (Bleachers) – Throwback to the 80s music, how can I not like it!

  1. I Never Learn (Lykke Li) – She’s being humble here. I think she’s learning pretty well.

  1. Don’t Kill the Magic (MAGIC!) – I believe in MAGIC too.

5.  Islands (Bear’s Den) – I guess if Mumford & Sons were to blend with Of Monsters & Men, it would sound something like this. Happy to take a holiday on these Islands any day.

  1. Fault in our Stars OST (Various Artists) – There’s no fault in these stars at all. My favourite album from 2014.

  1. Begin Again OST (Various Artists) – That’s exactly what I did, after listening to the album.

Bonus tracks: Throwing in a couple one hit wonders

1. Come With Me Now (Kongos) – The accordion does it for me!

2. Prayer in C (Lily Wood & The Prick & Robin Schultz) – For purists out there, listen to the original and then this remix.

So what else got missed. Share some tracks/artists/albums that rocked you last year.

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