Your clients, customers, boss, better (or worse) half, everybody including Calvin believes in magic. It’s time you did too. #MondayMorningWakeUpCall

Magical World

“You can see it if you look for it”

“My delivery needs to reach before 6:47am.” (I live in Leh)

“This presentation has to get done in the next 2 hours.” (There are 77 slides)

“Sandy, our house help isn’t coming today. Can you be a sweetheart and do the cooking and cleaning please? And ya, take Mel to her dance class. I want to watch the Ind-Pak match.”

Everybody believes you can magically do the impossible. Look back at your life and you’ll see they aren’t wrong. How you arranged for money for your higher studies, lived alone in a foreign land, created a company from nothing that’s now putting a smile on million faces, beat that disease or simply win her heart.

So the sooner you learn the magic words ‘I can do it’, the faster you’ll see magical things happening – building a self-dependant, self-sufficient city for the poor, buying a house over-looking Marine drive, being the next Tolkien or travelling the world with your family.

Yes, it is a magical world!

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