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10 music albums that weren’t invited at the 2017 Grammys

But still worth repeat listening and dare I say, even buying the albums.

Here are albums that I was happy to spend money on from the few that I sampled last year with a pick of my favorite song from the album.

  1. La La Land (OST) – It’s impossible not to go La La over this jazz infused broadway style songs and music that alternate between high energy dance numbers and beautiful soulful songs, without missing a beat on depth of lyrics or timeless melody.

  1. Cleopatra (Lumineer) – Worthy for a queen

  1. Beautiful Lies (Birdy) – And beautiful songs from a bird(y)


  1. Ae Dil Hai Mushkil (OST) – Ya ya.. Bollywood music is way too cool to even want to grace the Grammies, especillaiy the likes of Pritam, lest originality is questioned! But cant deny the fact that not loving the songs from ADHM is mighty mushkil

  1. Wildfire (Rachel Platten) – The Fight Song caught on like Wildfire and has definitely taken Rachel Platten to a ‘Better Place’

  1. Remember Us To Life (Regina Spektor) – Might not remember this album for life but I’ll keep coming back to this off and on whenever I feel like listening to some easy relaxing songs.

  1. This House Is For Sale (Bon Jovi) – “This house is not for sale, this house was built on higher ground.” I think so is this band that’s standing the test of time and entering their 4th decade of belting out great albums that definitely rock

  1. Here (Alicia Keys) – Powerful blend of personal and political songs

  1. Long Live The Angels (Emeli Sande) – And long live her songs and voice

  1. Sing Street (OST) – This is an ode to 80s music.. and it’s gonna make me smile till I’m 80

So what else got missed. Share some artists/albums that rocked you last year and you feel they deserve to get noticed.