Why being a rebel is good

Be a rebel! #MondayMorningWakeUpCall

Since the time of Rebel Without A Cause and way way before, being a rebel has always been considered criminal to put it mildly, a violation that ostracises you from society.

Little known fact though is that encouraging (or at least not punishing) your child or employees to rebel is an under-rated and under used method to helping them stay motivated and develop confidence. Rebelling gives them the psychological perception that they are in control, which is deep down what they innately look for, and is one of the strongest factors to aid motivation – a sense of autonomy and control of choice.

Punishing or thwarting every act of small defiance not only ultimately frustrates but also lowers self- confidence. Don’t denounce those who rebel with or without cause against your strict rules and rigid schedules. Better still, don’t have them at all.

And if you’re at the receiving end, then be a rebel. In fact be a rogue and save the galaxy!

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