5 scientifically proven ways to achieve your long term goals and 5 ways that don’t work

Expunge the moles and holes in your goals #MondayMorningWakeUpCall

Richard Wiseman, a Professor of Public Understanding of Psychology, has been instrumental in debunking various misleading myths of self-help, by offering scientifically proven advice instead, through extensive behavioural research.

In a column in the magazine Scientific American, he has been described as “…the most interesting and innovative experimental psychologist in the world today”

Sharing a wise man’s, Richard Wiseman’s way of achieving your goals (and 5 techniques that are myths) in case you’re looking to score any.

5 techniques that work

  1. Break down a large goal into sub-goals by making a step-by-step plan (even better if the sub-goals are concrete, measurable and time-based)
  2. Tell other people about your goals
  3. Think about the good things that will happen if you achieve your goals and think about the obstacles that can come in the way with the solutions to overcome them
  4. Reward yourself for making progress towards your goals, celebrate small wins
  5. Record your progress

The greater the number of these techniques you use, the greater the likelihood of victory.

5 techniques that are but myths

  1. Motivate yourself by focusing on someone you admire for achieving so much (e.g. a celebrity role model or great leader)
  2. Think about the bad things that will happen if you don’t achieve your goals
  3. Try to suppress unhelpful thoughts (e.g. not thinking about eating unhealthy food or smoking)
  4. Rely on your willpower
  5. Fantasize about how great your life will be when you achieve your goal

Let’s score some goals that would amaze Messi and astonish Ronaldo

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