What’s your IQ (Independence Quotient)?

Free your mind #MondayMorningWakeUpCall #HappyIndependenceDay


Free your mind… from the demons that are so unkind                                        Image adapted from PharLap Cartoonist

Are you free…

  1. From anger?
  2. From desire?
  3. From greed?
  4. From hate?
  5. From jealousy?
  6. From lust?
  7. From luv?
  8. From pride?
  9. From society?
  10. From your addictions?
  11. From your fears?
  12. From your hopes?
  13. From your passions?
  14. From your possessions?
  15. From your prejudices?

You ain’t free if you’re still a slave to your ego and your emotions, which in essence, is a slave to your mind.

Hint: Free your mind!


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