The only 2 reasons to work with a company

Two is company #MondayMorningWakeUpCall


2 is company

There are only 2 reasons to work with a company.

  1. You love your role – if you love selling then it doesn’t matter whether you’re selling Apple products or toilet fresheners or if you love coding and then it doesn’t matter whether you’re coding in PHP or Erlang, you’re not gonna want the day to end.
  1. You love the product or service you are a part – then it doesn’t matter whether you’re a clapper boy or a director in a movie production, you’ll not want to leave the sets because movies are what rocks your world.

If you’ve got 2 out of 2 then lucky you. Hang in there unless your boss is a man-eating bear.

If you’ve got one then at least well done, you’re half way there to spending most of your working hours having some fun.

If you strike out on both counts, then don’t wait, run! Run fast and far, before you come undone.

Everything else is moot. Your learning. Your pay check. Your boss. The company culture. They will all cease to matter if you’ve got the fundamental reasons right. Then you don’t need any of the external factors like learning, pay check, boss or company culture to motivate you.

Then you end up motivating others. Inadvertently.

Hint: Ask yourself, “If I had all the money in the world, how would I be spending my time?”

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