Try Everything

Try Everything #MondayMorningWakeUpCall

  • Think you can’t learn to dance to the beat cos you’ve got 3 left feet. Try.
  • Think your friend won’t forgive you even if beg for her forgiveness you do. Try.
  • Think you can’t take out time for that mountain to climb. Try.
  • Think your business idea has no ding, even after drinking Red Bull you give it many a wing. Try.
  • Think the girl who doesn’t know you exist won’t go out with you if you persist. Try.
  • Think it’ll be your death knell if you quit your job, travel the world without your heartthrob. Try.
  • Think your boss will reject your promotion plea, that your value she’ll refuse to see. Try.
  • Think you aren’t smart enough to learn algebra, even though you’re smart enough to blindly unhook a buxom bra. Try.
  • Think you can’t stand on your head, decree your brainwashed beliefs doubly dead. Try.
  • Think you’ll be alone for the rest of your life, if you decide to end this relationship so full of strife. Try.
  • Think you can’t write that story or screenplay, because you’re afraid of judgement day. Try.
  • Think you can’t forget the past, blank out the future and stay in the present, the only way to prevent constant imaginary torment. Try.

Try everything before you lie, sigh and cry about life being so darn difficult that you’d rather die.

Cos chances are, the demons in our head make it look more difficult than they actually are. And the surest way to silence them is to try. Try everything that scares you and you’ll scare the demons away.

Hint: “Try not. Do-or do not. There is no try.” Which is Master Yoda’s way of saying don’t try half-heartedly by making a lame-assed feeble attempt as you would do to save your enemy.

Give it your best shot else do not.

And if you prefer a lighter and ‘funner’ version to spur you on to ‘Try Everything’ then Shakira’s version in a loop should do the job.

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