A New Year resolution is NOT the solution

A New Year resolution is NOT the solution #MondayMorningWakeUpCall

Calvin on resolutions

If Calvin the Wise says so, it surely must be right bro!

It’s quite early into 2016 and already many are barely holding on to their New Year resolutions with their little finger. Many many more have lost the battle before it began.

No wonder I’m not a fan of resolutions…made any time of the year. Felt like sharing why I think they are a curse, in the form of a verse.

Resolutions are not your solution,
They are more a source of frustration, 
And in many cases cause of depression,
When you are unable to reach your destination.

When you get attached to your goal, 
It puts a lot of stress on your soul,
It can create a deeply distressing black hole,
Especially if you strive to reach it at the cost of your inborn role.

A better way is to use it is as a guiding direction,
Without getting fixated to your unbending ambition.
By keeping an eye on the reasons of your agitation,
And being a witness to the causes of your consternation.

Slowly but surely, innately you will find the determination and motivation,
To create an internal revolution and fulfil your aspiration.

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