The ‘Not-So-Sweet’ Reason For Obesity

There would be fewer obese people if we didn’t sugar coat everything we said #MondayMorningWakeUpCall

The not-so-sweet reason for obesity

May not be so sweet in the long run

I suspect that in the quest of sugar coating bitter truths 2 things happen –

  • First, sometimes the potency of the message gets lost, especially for delusional people like me who think they can do no wrong
  • Second, again for people like me who are incapable of reading between lines, the entire message might get lost (and you’ll find us repeating the same ‘mistake’)

Even for the person delivering the sugar-coated dessert, it’s just sometimes plain easier, simpler and less stressful to concoct sentences that will not hurt others.

So why take so much effort in sugar-coating? I guess the answer is a combination of not wanting to hurt another human and to not come across as a bad person.

But you are being a bad person if you are choosing to be liked rather than to be completely honest. And you are hurting another human if you are picking your short-term benefit over someone else’s long term betterment.

Which doesn’t mean that you have to be mean or malicious. That’s just plain cruel. It just means be straight with the other person and back it up with reasons for your actions/decisions/statements. A simple explanation can sometimes be the difference between helping the person move forward or leaving the person to a lifetime of trauma and turmoil, battling demons in the head.

Warning: This also means that we all have to gear up to happily face the truth rather than be unhappily oblivious of it.

This becomes easier if you remind yourself “Satyameva Jayate” or “Truth Alone Triumphs”

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