Out with doubt I say!

Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will – Suzy Kassem #MondayMorningWakeUpCall

There are monsters in our head. And demons. And devils. And they all come in the guise of doubt, self-doubt. Unlike Monster’s Inc.’s Sulley, they don’t scare because they care. They scare because they love to see our souls lost in the dare. They don’t fight fair. They kill our dreams and replace it with nightmare.

Mythology is packed with stories to corroborate that every demon has a weakness. They can be and surely are ultimately vanquished. Yes, if you want, the demons in your head can be dead. To kill them all you need to do is pretend you can’t hear them. They cease to exist if you ignore them.

Like love grows with every heartbeat, the demons grow with every chat and tweet. The more you get into debate, the more they will control your fate. If however you do not reciprocate, you can pick their funeral date. You render them forever extinct, when you curb your fight instinct.

Like most simple truths, this is also easier said than done. It’s as difficult not to engage with the ‘doubt demons’ as it is with Rooney Mara in a state of undress. Here’s a trick I learnt (still learning) to ignore the doubt demons (I have no intention of ignoring Rooney Mara J). Whenever they scream for your attention, pay attention to your breath, watch it go in, watch it go out, while the demons scream and shout. In time, their voices will go bust, the demons will die a painful death and go back to dust.

Here’s to ‘dream on’, while the demons are gone.

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