Offer me some wine before you offer to opine

We are oh so eager to offer our opinions,
It helps us nought save make our breath reek like onions.
Especially when we speak on subjects we know of none,
To be satisfied with only shallow minds won.

“Of course there should be a #beefban”
“BBC news! I’m no longer a fan!”
“Did you see the crass roast show from AIB?”
“No, but I am all for never allowing those jerks to pee!”

Thinking ones with the strongest opinions are hailed wise,
We force ourselves to take stands that are nothing but true lies.
For we forget the maxim so pure,
That “Only the stupid are cocksure”

I say, “There is no harm in sitting on a fence
And having a hearty laugh at all this nonsense.”

That’s my opinion on opinions.

1 thought on “Offer me some wine before you offer to opine

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